Body Image and Low Self-Esteem



Body image and low self-esteem are based on one’s level of self-confidence; how they value and respect themselves. Low self-esteem is also a symptom of several mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression.


Individuals that experience low self-esteem often incorporate negative self-talk into their daily internal dialogue. They are often highly critical of themselves and often compare themselves to others.  Low self-esteem is also closely associated with the following conditions; anxiety, history of abuse and an unrealistic need for perfection.


Therapy allows an opportunity for the client and therapist to address areas of low self-esteem and influences, helping the client to gain a stronger sense of confidence in themselves and practice of assertiveness. The client and therapist will look at areas of competence and ways to achieve accomplishment and increase self-confidence. self-aware. Therapy also provides a space to evaluate and create realistic, achievable goals for themselves. Above all, it is important for the client to learn ways to treat themselves with loving kindness, compassion and patience and respect.