Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum and Infertility

Pregnancy can be a time of great excitement and joy, but with pregnancy can also bring stress and worries. Therapy can be helpful when concerns arise during in preparation for, during pregnancy or after delivery.



Some concerns may include:


Pregnancy related mental and emotional health concerns

Pregnancy can bring up past family issues, worries, insecurities and fear of parenting. Also, due to hormone changes and emotional concerns related to pregnancy a woman may experience mood swings, forgetfulness, anxiety, and concerns relating to body image and return to pre-pregnancy body.

Birthing decision concerns

Financial concerns related to pregnancy, delivery and future child care planning

Stress in Pregnancy and after delivery such as adjustment to new parent roles and responsibilities

Pregnancy Loss and infertility 

Grief counseling is recommended after an individual or couple have experienced the loss of a child. Therapy can help the parents to coping with their grief and even help in preparing for future pregnancy.

Pregnancy strain on the relationship, intimacy and sexual activity and enjoyment.

Decisions regarding the impact and discontinuation of mediation during pregnancy and nursing, such as anxiety or depression medication

Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety

It is not uncommon for women to experience mild anxiety or depression after childbirth, called “baby blues”. These symptoms typically last for a week or two after child birth. However, some women experience significant anxiety or depression after childbirth, that last longer than two weeks. This is more of a serious condition and must be addressed with the mother’s medical and professional counselor.