Couples Sexual Therapy



Couples come to sex therapy because they wish to improve their intimate and sexual relationships. Couple’s therapy is not limited to married couples. “Couples” may be straight, same sex couples, married, unmarried or dating. Couple’s sex therapy is most effective when both partners are present for most the sessions. However, if you partner is unable or unwilling to attend therapy you may proceed with individual counseling.



Common reasons for therapy:


Learn or improve communication skills around sex and intimacy; wants, needs, preferences

Develop a better understanding of each other’s sexual backgrounds and other life influences

Learn effective ways of giving and receiving expressions of love, touch and pleasure

Sex education: male and female anatomy and sexual functioning

Improve intimacy and connection

Rebuild trust after an affair, or other forms of betrayal

Learn new ways for sexual exploration

Address sexual concerns such as desire discrepancies, sexual style discrepancies, compulsive sexual behaviors, sexual anxieties or aversions, sexual functioning concerns

Sexual changes due to pregnancy

Understand and adapt to the influences of medical concerns on sexual functioning and intimacy

Sexual changes due to Infertility

Heal from past sexual abuse as a couple and understanding the influences on the relationship