I saw Dr. Stanley for 12 months during which time I was able to get my life back on track and in a better way than it’s ever been. I came to her during the crisis of an extra marital affair, and soon realized that my problems were stemming from deep seated issues that were piling up over the years of my life. Thanks to Dr. Stanley’s patience, focus, and techniques, we were able to uncover these issues and resolve them so that I could be truly happy. I’m in a much better place personally and in my marriage thanks to our work together. I can’t recommend her services enough. – S.O


Dr. Tiffany Stanley has been a consistent source of ongoing support for my mental health since I moved to Austin. I look forward to our appointments because I know that I can discuss any issue going on in my life in a safe, judgment-free space. She is professional and personable – always listening intently and providing valuable affirmations and actionable interventions to help navigate problems. Most importantly, she is genuine. Whether I laugh or cry, I leave feeling like a weight is lifted off of my shoulders and I have the tools to create a positive path forward. – M.W


During the listening of the guided imagery recording, I felt like I did want to have sex. I know it helped, because I had more lubrication during sexual activities after listening to the guided imagery recording that day. Also, I noticed that I had more energy. And I wouldn’t want to have sex if I don’t have energy. I found both the relaxation and guided imagery portion of the recording, to be helpful. While listening to the guided imagery recording, I noticed and paid attention to my body. I could notice any stress I was holding and where I was holding it in my body. I could then tell it to go away. I became more aware of my body. I have listened to guided imagery for years; such as Rossman and Belleruth. I feel that your guided imagery recording is the same caliber. I would recommend putting it on iTunes and I think it would be highly well received.


I really enjoy the guided imagery. I learned a lot about myself through the visualization. Most of the sexual erotic ideas came to me during the (imagery) portion and it was the most helpful. relaxation feelings came quickly. The music and your voice helped me to quickly become relaxed.


I liked the guided imagery recording and I look forward to it. I always felt relaxed and felt good after listening. I didn’t always register was sexual desire in the beginning. The feeling of desire is now present all the time. I think about sex all the time and I have a sense of longing to be sexual. I think this guided imagery process really worked. The result is that I’m open to the idea and more likely to initiate and be playful. My husband’s a happy man. I feel different moving through my day now. I loved hearing your voice.


It increased my sexual interest. It was clear and professional, and better than most of recordings I’ve heard on YouTube. I loved the last song on the recording


The guided imagery was great. I felt it was awesome. I felt an immediate sense of relief and my mood changed overall. I felt more at peace. My life has had a noticeable, huge change, even after the first week. After listening for the first week, it became harder to make the time for myself, but I did notice that I felt better. When I forgot to listen to the guided imagery, I noticed the difference. I felt immediate sense of relief after listening. I’ve been struggling for a while with the issue of sexual interest and desire.  I guess I can’t get out of my head. It’s been a long time that I’ve been dealing with this. While listening to the guided imagery I noticed that I’m more chilled out and it’s been a long time since I felt like this. I’m laughing more. I’m having more fun and I don’t feel obligated. I guess the things that hit a different cord. I plan to continue to use the guided imagery recording, because I found it to be helpful. It definitely helped with my intimacy and my sexual interest. We’re enjoying each other much more and more happier.