Female Sexual Therapy



There are many influences in how a woman feels about and experiences sex and her personal sexuality. Her perception of herself and her relationship with her partner all play a large role in her sexual interest, functioning and satisfaction.



Common concerns for women include: 


Getting and staying aroused

Some women share that they experience their arousal unexpectedly losing their arousal and interest or finding themselves distracted during sexual activity. Some describe experiencing very little interest in sex or a need to make sure everything else has been taken care, before being able to be attuned to sex and pleasure.

Body image and self-esteem concerns

Changes in sexual frequency and connection with partner

When a relationship begins to feel like two individuals living with each other as “room-mates” instead of lovers and partners it can create stress and further disconnect within the relationship


Many women are lacking through understanding of their anatomy, sexual functioning, understanding their partners body, sexual play, toys and other material.

Sexual Pain

Many women struggle with different degrees of sexual pain or discomfort at some points in their lives. The pain and discomfort can range from pelvic pain, pain with sexual stimulation and/or penetration and issues such as vaginismus, dyspareunia, vulvodynia. Some women struggle with frequent UTI or bladder infections which cause distress and can affect sexual desire and pleasure. Experiencing pain can lead to a fear of future pain, loss of enjoyable sexual activity and feelings that their body has betrayed them and cannot be trusted.

Understanding and communication of their sexual wants and needs

Desire Concerns

Decrease or loss of sexual desire or a discrepancy in the levels of desire from their partner

History of Abuse

Sexual, emotional, and physical abuse can have lasting effects on a woman’s sense of self, ability to trust and feel safe within themselves and with others. Abuse can greatly affect a women’s ability to receive touch and pleasure.

Questioning and concerns regarding the impact of medication and medical procedures

Women may find themselves concerns on the impact that certain medication or procedures may affect their sexual functioning; such as medication for depression and anxiety or hormone treatments or surgeries. 

Emotional intimacy problems

Connection and acceptance of one’s self and feeling accepted and safe with their partner, all play a part on one’s sexual functioning.

Orgasm difficulties

Some women have difficulty orgasming with a partner but are able to do so on their own, through masturbation. Others experience an inability to orgasm at all. Although an orgasm is not the focus of sexual enjoyment it is a big part.

Understanding the impact of religion and culture on sexuality

Uncertainty about sexual orientation