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Guided Imagery for Sexual Desire Concerns

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What is Guided Imagery


The mind is a very powerful tool. Through Guided Imagery, you learn to use your imagination with positive mental images to influence how you feel and create the state of being you want. Guided Imagery is a simple, self-awareness relaxation technique that uses positive words, images, sounds, and smells to evoke your inner creativity and activate feelings and experiences in your mind’s eye. It uses your inner creativity so that you can change how you are feeling and reach a desired goal.

One in three women report having sexual concerns, and the most common are low sexual desire and sexual dissatisfaction. A woman’s sexual interest and desire can be impacted by factors such as: physical changes, life stressors, psychological and emotional concerns, quality of relationships or attitudes regarding sex.

Research indicates that imagination and fantasy can positively impact sexual attitudes and sexual interest levels.

“Sensory images are the true language of the body, the only language the body understands immediately and without question. The body does not discriminate between sensory images in the mind and those that we call reality. Although images do not have to be intense impacts on the body, as with the real events, they do enlist the same essential quality of experience in the body” Belleruth Naparstek. Sexual arousal (and sensually focused awareness, desire/ interest) often operate in the same way. The body is just as enthusiastic about sexual fantasy, as reality, and sometimes more so. Here again, the body is responding as if the images are actual events.

How Guided Imagery Works and Why


Guided imagery uses a person’s senses, which allows a person to access deeper parts of their inner wisdom and to view their feelings and ideas in a profound way. This influences the mind and body connection and one’s internal wisdom. These physiological and psychological processes can then enhance healing and change.

Research has shown that guided imagery focused on relaxation, has the potential to positively impact an individual’s emotional well-being, sense of calmness, and overall relaxation and improve concentration.

Guided imagery also has the potential to create a better attunement to one’s desires and enhance the ability to give and receive pleasure.