Male Sexual Therapy



There are many influences in how a man feels about and experiences sex and his personal sexuality. His perception of himself and his relationship with his partner all play a large role in his sexual interest, functioning and satisfaction.




Erectile dysfunction

Both medical and psychological influences need to be considered when addressing erectile concerns.

Inability to ejaculate with a partner

Understanding and communication of their sexual wants and needs

Premature ejaculation

Problems resulting from sexual, emotional, or physical abuse

Internet pornography concerns

Desire Concerns

Decrease or loss of sexual desire or a discrepancy in the levels of desire from their partner

Understanding the impact of religion and culture on sexuality

Questioning and concerns regarding the impact of medication and medical procedures

Men may find themselves concerns on the impact that certain medication or procedures may affect their sexual functioning; such as medication for depression and anxiety or hormone treatments or surgeries. 

History of Abuse

Sexual, emotional, and physical abuse can have lasting effects on a man’s sense of self, manhood, ability to trust and feel safe within themselves and with others. Abuse can greatly affect a man’s ability to receive touch and pleasure.

Uncertainty about your sexual orientation