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May 16 2020

“Sex and Intimacy During and After Cancer”

Dr. Tiffany will be presenting on the following topics: Common Sexual Concerns and Cancer | Solutions for Self-Care and Reconnecting with one’s self and partner | Cancer treatments impact on body responses to touch and stimulation | Self-Care support ideas | Relationship Support ideas | When to seek help from your physician and/or therapist

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February 6 2020

Dr. Tiffany donates her time to the Flatwater Foundation, offering one discounted session a week to this organization. Dr. Tiffany provides psychotherapy to cancer patients and/or their families.

Flatwater Foundation

February 20 2019

Dr. Tiffany Stanley will be presenting ‘Sexuality and Intimacy After Breast Cancer’ to After Breast Cancer (ABC) at Breast Cancer Resource Center in Austin 



January 14 2019

Dr. Tiffany Stanley will be presenting to to all OBGYNs at Austin Regional Clinic (ARC)


January 2019

Austin Woman Magazine

Dr. Tiffany Stanley is featured in ATX Woman To Watch

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May 25-27 2018

Dr. Tiffany Stanley presents at German Society for Social Scientific Sexuality Research (DGSS) Conference in Munich, Germany

Presentation: “The impact of relaxation and sensory-focused guided imagery on perceived female low sex desire/interest and sexual distress”.

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